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HearHearNOLA — an online calendar powered by the Birdfoot Festival in partnership with New Orleans Public Radio and Classical 104.9—is a free community resource where New Orleans’ classical music presenters, musicians, and audiences can share and discover information about upcoming classical and art music performance in the Greater New Orleans area. The calendar was created in 2015 after several years of planning and fundraising, and re-launched at its own domain,, in 2017.

This calendar’s administrative and hosting expenses are made possible by donors like you.

How can I get a posting account?

Posting your upcoming classical music performances on Hear Hear can help you get the word out to the greater New Orleans community, and people visiting New Orleans.

To request a free posting account, send an email to [email protected] that includes:

• Your name and title
• Your instrument, organization’s, or ensemble’s name
• Your artist, organization’s, or ensemble’s website
• Best mailing address
• Best contact phone
• A brief sentence describing how you’ll use your Hear Hear posting account.

You will receive a username, password and login instructions within a week (from [email protected]) that will allow you to post, edit, and delete your classical and art music events. You can change your password at any time.

Hear Hear is already pre-populated with many upcoming concerts and events. If some of these events are yours or your organization’s and you would like to soup them up further (adding photos, maps, etc), please create a duplicate event under your own user name and password and send an email to [email protected] requesting removal of the previously posted version.

Posting Guidelines and Tips

• Hear Hear’s calendar postings are limited to performances that are rooted in the tradition of classical and/or art music and take place within the Greater New Orleans area. This might include performances such as instrumental or vocal recitals, chamber music, opera, contemporary music, orchestral concerts, and events that include live music performance collaborations with another art form (for example, a live performance of a work that is also choreographed for dance, or an installation that combines sound and art).

WWOZ’s LiveWire is a more effective posting location for jazz and other popular music genre events.

View and/or download instructions for how to add and edit your live classical music events HERE.

• Begin your event’s title with a “bullet” followed by a space helps to separate your event from other events taking place on the same day.  For example:  • LPO: Bartok & Brahms

• Be descriptive. Include the date, time, location, ticket information, and a brief, but enticing description of your event.

• Make your posts more compelling by adding photos.

• Include a few “tags” for your post—This will help people find your event more easily both on this calendar and in internet searches.

• Provide links to ticket purchasing information as well as links to your own website and/or social media page.

• Keep posts “clean.” This goes without saying, but we’re saying it anyway.

• Use of this calendar acknowledges that the Birdfoot Festival is not responsible for errors in event postings.

Your suggestions for further improvement of this community resource are always welcome. If you have issues, questions, or comments, please contact the Birdfoot Festival office at [email protected] or 504-451-6578.