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Musical Offerings at Evening Prayer

At 6pm each Wednesday during Lent, Trinity Episcopal Church will host an extended Musical Offering during Evening Prayer.  Mask are required and attendees must sign in for contact tracing at the door.  The pews will be roped off to ensure social distancing with a limit of 125 in a space that seats 985.  The line-up will be:

Wednesday, February 24 Paul Weber, organ, playing Bach’s monumental variations on the Lenten chorale “Sei gegrüßet, Jesu gütig”.

Wednesday, March 3 Kurt Münstedt, violin, with Paul Weber, piano in a program of classical music.

Wednesday, March 10 Chip Wilson, guitar, and Paul Weber, piano, in a program of original songs.

Wednesday, March 17 Matt Lemmler, jazz piano, in a program for St. Patrick’s Day.


Birdfoot Festival Season Finale: Death and the Maiden

Birdfoot’s Finale presents music born of the lover’s sigh, the heroine’s last gasp, and life’s emotional highs and lows. Few works of chamber music are as thrilling as Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden” quartet, named for the composer’s song in which a maiden pleads with Death to pass her by (and whose haunting melody is the centerpiece of the quartet). Surrounding Schubert’s masterpiece are musical gems of equally intimate and acute emotion: Monteverdi’s madrigals open up the fresh pain of heartbreak, Purcell’s heroine Dido (the mythic queen of Carthage) laments her last moments, John Dowland’s “teares” flow in sweet sorrow, and composer-in-residence Patrick Castillo’s Dreamers Often Lie explores the bizarre real-as-life experience of dreams.

Henry Purcell: Chacony

John Dowland: Selections from Lacrimae or Seaven Teares

Patrick Castillo: Dreamers Often Lie

Claudio Monteverdi:

Piagn’e sospira

Lamento della Ninfa

Lamento d’Arianna, “Lasciatemi morire

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Mensa Sonora III

Franz Schubert: String Quartet in D minor, “Death and the Maiden”

$30 General Admission
$15 Students (with ID)

This concert will be proceeded by a Young Artist Program Showcase Concert from 6–7 PM


Birdfoot Festival: Nothing But the Truth

Framed by Dvorak’s “American” Quartet, this concert examines the complex subjects of identity, experience, and truth. Inspired by African-American spirituals and songs, Dvorak’s quartet is an outsider’s portrait of America’s energy and potential approaching the turn of the century. Juxtaposed with this, spirituals, arranged by New Orleans’ own Moses Hogan, and the musical voice of Florence Price, reveal a complex counterpoint to Dvorak’s optimism. Works by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Caroline Shaw, and Johann Christoph Bach (J.S. Bach’s uncle), will also be featured, while the cherished concept of justice itself is examined in Garth Knox’s Nothing but the Truth, a musical courtroom drama without a predetermined outcome…will the musicians be found guilty or innocent?

Ruth Crawford Seeger: Andante

Johann Christoph Bach: “Ach dass ich Wassers gnug hätte”

Garth Knox: Nothing but the Truth

Antonín Dvořák: String Quartet No. 12, “American”

Caroline Shaw: By and By

Florence Price: Songs to the Dark Virgin

Moses Hogan, arranger: Spirituals

$25 General Admission
$15 Students (with ID)


Birdfoot Festival: Community Chamber Music Reading Party

Local amateur musicians are invited to the Birdfoot Festival’s sixth Community Chamber Music Reading Party. This event provides amateur pianists, string players, wind, and brass players (dependent on repertoire availability and the players who sign-up) the opportunity to spend a fun and relaxed evening playing through wonderful chamber music repertoire with other chamber music enthusiasts.

While this event is primarily designed for adult amateur musicians, exceptionally mature musicians under the age of 18 may be considered (contact the Birdfoot Festival for more information). Professional musicians are also welcome to participate, whether to play chamber music with their students and friends or to support the development of a thriving amateur musical community in New Orleans.

Please note that advance registration is required! If you plan on attending, please complete the online registration form no later than Friday, May 17th (registration is limited).

• Musicians, based on pre-event registration information, will be placed into groups according to ability, instrumentation, and interest.

• There will be some set pieces of repertoire for those more comfortable preparing music in advance. There will also be a selection of repertoire for sight-reading, but it will not be comprehensive. You are welcome to bring parts for anything you are particularly interested in playing!

• Pianists are asked to bring repertoire from their own personal library that they are prepared to play with others. (Make sure your name is on your music.)

• Although there is no fee to participate, your donations make these reading parties and other Birdfoot Festival community events possible!

Please use the following criteria when choosing your experience level:

• INTERMEDIATE: Have played chamber music (including chamber orchestra) for less than 5 years; have some experience playing with others in an ensemble.

• ADVANCED: Have played chamber music or in ensembles for more than 5 years; have quite a lot of experience playing with others and feel comfortable reading music. Play at an advanced level.

• OTHER: (e.g. Professional, etc.)

Please sign-up using this online REGISTRATION FORM

If you have questions or need more information, contact the Birdfoot Festival at:

504-451-6578   or   [email protected]